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We all are used to WhatsApp in our daily routine. Then how about using it for your business marketing and growth? WhatsApp for Business is a specially created application similar to the WhatsApp we use but with few additional features that are useful for small business to list the product, market the business and connect with customers. This program will help you understand how to create you WhatsApp for Business Account and how to use it for growing your business.

Who Should Attend

  • Owners of product-based business
  • Owners of service-based business
  • Professionals

Takeaways from the program

  • Onboarding process for WhatsApp for Business
  • Introduction to various features of WhatsApp for Business
  • Tips for using WhatsApp for Business for marketing

Speaker(s) at the Event

Dr. Anand Godse

Entrepreneur Transformation Program, deAsra Foundation

Dr. Anand Godse is an expert in the field of Psychology. Supporting entrepreneurs during their journey through soft skills, communication, emotional intelligence, and other areas of self awareness is Dr. Anand’s core expertise. He works with the transformation process for entrepreneurs by working on their personal growth, behavior, professionalism, team building, confidence, entrepreneurial mindset as well as satisfaction and happiness during work. He is also specialized in working with young entrepreneurs and college students during their early phase of entrepreneurship.

Nikesh Ingle

Co-founder, Rural Caravan

Nikesh has worked for the people through Policy Influencer in Government and volunteering to ground organizations as well. He has trained more than 2500 SHG entrepreneurs, to start and run own business at local level with the balance of socio-economic options. His co-founded organization, ‘Rural Caravan’ is generating livelihood options for rural India at local level considering the strength of the area and people. He thrives to explore the entrepreneurship qualities in the villages.


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WhatsApp for Business Training

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

10:30 am - 11:30 am

02 Jun 2022

Zoom Platform