Business Planning & Idea Validation

2360/- (incl. taxes)

Why do you need Business Planning and Idea Validation?

  • It helps in deciding the business activity by considering important aspects such as name & place, type of entity & business activity, necessary training & experience, target audience, support members, mission statement, etc.
  • It helps in analysing the current and the potential competition, studying the strengths and weaknesses of similar products/services
  • It helps in studying competitors on various parameters such as market trends, pricing structure, etc.
  • It helps in finalising funding requirements, along with looking for funding sources such as banks, NBFCs, Government schemes, subsidies, etc.

Business Planning and Idea Validation Details

  1. Estimate annual sales with ease
  2. Assess the feasibility and viability of the proposed business
  3. Product/service identification and finalisation process is simplified

‘Feasibility’ refers to examining the possibility of manufacturing the product or delivering the service. ‘Viability’ refers to examining the sustainability of proposed business activity in the coming years.

It takes approximately 4 working days once all documents, along with the required information, are received.

Writing a business plan is an opportunity to carefully think through every step of starting your business. It helps in a number of ways including:
– Validating your assumptions and determining the need for your product or service in the market
– Giving a structure to your idea, and saving time and resources in the long run
– Making projections that give you a clear understanding of how your business will operate in the future

A Business Plan can be prepared when you are planning to start a business, so as to understand the ‘viability’ and ‘feasibility’ of the proposed business idea. Also, for existing businesses, when the entrepreneur is planning to expand the venture or is introducing a new line of service/product or is opening a new branch, etc.