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Business Planning & Idea Validation

  • Project Report/ Business plan.
  • Viability Assessment based on Project Report.
  • The project report prepared for business planning may not be a fund-ready proposal.
  • Physical presence in doing studies and collecting inputs.
Get it for ₹ 2,360
Get it for ₹ 2,360
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Get in 4 days
Ongoing process
Ongoing process

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Business planning creates an organized structure and saves time and resources in the future
A business plan is the initial step to secure funding because it covers the concerns of funding organizations
The forecasts in a business plan help you understand how your business will operate in the future
A business plan confirms your assumptions and assesses the demand for your product or service
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Feasibility checks if it's possible to make the product or provide the service, while Viability assesses its sustainability in the future
Creating a business plan allows you to carefully consider each aspect of starting your business. It serves several purposes, such as: - Confirming your assumptions and assessing the demand for your product or service -Providing a framework for your concept, which can save time and resources -Making forecasts that provide insights into your business's future operations
You can create a business plan when starting a new business to assess the viability and feasibility of the idea. For existing businesses, it's useful when expanding, launching new products or services, or opening new branches

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