HomedeAsra Business Listing

deAsra Business Listing

deAsra offers an exciting opportunity for small business owners to connect with other entrepreneurs under one roof. Get listed on our website and connect & network with other business owners across the country.

deAsra Business Listing service lets you receive enquiries from your same sector & cross sector entrepreneurs. Expand your network and come one step closer to success.

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You have established your business



An established business enjoys all the benefits of being listed with deAsra. You may get listed here once your business is established

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Business Name and Sector is identified



Defining your business name and category will help complete your profile and improve visibility. You may get listed here once your business is established

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Annual Turnover of your business is less
than ₹ 50 Lakhs



deAsra supports businesses that have a typical annual turnover of less than
₹ 50 Lakhs and assists them with a variety of offerings. You are already on the path of growth!

Details about deAsra Business Listing

Connect with fellow dePreneurs on a single platform

Pan-India visibility to potential buyers


The card can be updated only when major changes or additions to the existing details are required.

The details of your business, your products and services, the target customer for your products and services, and your clientele can be mentioned while updating the card.

Yes, through deAsra Business Listing, you enjoy visibility to fellow dePreneurs as well as other platform visitors (potential buyers). This feature will enable you to receive business queries or networking requests.

Yes, you can add a business on the same card and mention the details of your second business. However, if you have two different email addresses for each business, you may also avail two separate business cards.

Entrepreneur Journey Map

Running a business can be quite a journey. Here is a clickable route map to help you overcome business challenges.